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Counting My Blessings

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It is the first week of August, the summer is in full swing and it is time to count my blessings.

You guys. You wonderful people who call Knitting Addiction your LYS. You guys who make a point to come see us and shop when you are on the Outer Banks for vacation. You guys, my people, who even if we only see each other once a year, make the job fun and funny and an adventure every day. Your kind words and enthusiastic support make it all worth it.  You guys are a blessing.

My other people. You guys are a blessing. My people who are local and who will jump in and help out with whatever task that needs attention. You guys who will answer the phone, or help wind yarn, or put out inventory, or hop out to the Truck to check something or fill in what ever gap when it is needed. You guys are a blessing.

You Barrett people. You guys who have jumped in, all of you at some point this summer to help keep things on track. My Barrett family is the rest of the family that raised our lovely Anna. Anna has been with me at Knitting Addiction for more than two years and she makes my heart shine. Many of you have met other parts of the Barrett family. Cathi B covers the shop on Truck days. Rose is my most amazing young knitter who creates creatures and animals and other amazing knitted treasures out of her own mind. And this summer the rest of the Barrett family joined in while Anna and Rose were away at a ballet intensive. (Imagine being a Knitter and a Ballerina!?!) Sweet Fred came in and talked with tech support on a printer issue for hours, and even my most wonderful "Little" Barrett girls have joined in to help with inventory restocking and other chores. You guys are a blessing. With any luck, you will all get a chance to meet the rest of the Barrett family in the coming years. They are a blessing and they make my heart sing.

"Mandolin Guy" you are a blessing. A lovely group of people vacation most years on the Outer Banks, and a couple years ago, the group came in the shop and one of the sweet husbands had a mandolin with him. I commented, and he offered to play (I might have begged). This summer on a Saturday that started off less than pretty, "Mandolin Guy" and his people came in and he settled in upstairs and played his mandolin for the time that the ladies shopped. People sharing their gifts of music are a blessing. Thank you.

Kind words are a blessing. In the heat of the summer, temperatures heat up and words flare too. For every unkind word, I can count many, many more kind and thoughtful words. And that is a blessing. Thank you for your kind words, and I'm sticking with all open times being in "-ish".

Zinnias, sunflowers, SunGold, tomatoes and cucumbers. You guys are all a blessing. One of my happy places is my garden. It is where I go to get myself grounded. My hands and feet in the dirt, with all of everything growing around me.  My garden is a blessing. This year is is a hodge podge of tomato trees that are 6 feet tall and producing more SunGold tomatoes than I could have ever imagined, a mixed up medley of zinnias in the tomato beds, sunflowers amongst the strawberries and cucumbers that make me swoon. Time in my garden is a blessing.

Bumble bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. You guys are a blessing. In the midst of my garden, the crazy tomato plants, the 4 foot tall zinnias, the sunflower extravaganza, a cucumber tangle, there are bumbles, and butterflies and hummingbirds. And an hour puttering in my garden with all the magic going on around me is a blessing.

Two beautiful amazingly cool days in July. You are a blessing. Just at the point when I was getting summer cabin fever from the heat, we got two cool days in July. The AC was turned off, the windows were opened and I have enjoyed the sounds of the birds and the wind and water for a very unexpected blessing.

A first kayak paddle. You were a blessing. Sweet guy and I used to kayak on this beautiful water all the time, but then he got sick, and things got worse, and we were just putting one foot in front of the other. But Sunday we washed the cobwebs out of the boats and got on the water. We aren't ready to paddle the 32 mile round trip to the glacier in Alaska of the past, but we have taken a first step. And it shows that he is getting better and stronger and that there will be more adventures in our future. That is a blessing.

In the middle of the summer, when my hours at the shop are long and things can get frustrating it is easy to focus on the unhappy things. This post gave me a chance to focus on the happy, amazing, beautiful things and to take time to count my blessings. Thanks for being one of them.

In stick and hooks and string, and friends and music and gardens and magic,


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