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Why do we do what we do? Part 1

Why do we do what we do? Part one.Why on earth would anyone with any sense pick up sticks or hooks and string to create something that can be purchased for a fraction of the cost and a micro fraction of the time? Just go buy the dang socks! Pick up a 6 pack of [...]

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Rule breaker?!?

Rule breaker?This is something I've wanted to talk, ok...maybe shout about,for a long time. When, oh when, my dear friends, did the knitting and crocheting worlds get so completely jammed up with all of these silly RULES??? No knots in knitting! Socks can only be knitted___ toe up/ cuff down! All knitter's must knit [...]

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Flashback to last May

11 years:I think I will perpetually be awake at 1:06 am, just because. Maybe it is going to be a good thing, maybe I will find my soul and voice at 2:07....or, maybe I'll just start another day tired and introspective.I've started to get up, get out of bed, leave the quietly snoring hubby [...]

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