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A Day in the Life.....

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A day in the life of a yarn store owner. I love my job, I really do! I love yarn and projects and creativity, but some days I must admit that I love my job MORE. Or, some weeks I love my job more, and this past couple of weeks are on the love it more side.

Many of you, my sweet people, know that it has been a rough couple of months, sweet yellow dog died, pretty sail boat nearly sank, sweet guy's health just ain't right, MRIs and surgery, a good friend passed away from a long battle with ALS. My dang washing machine sump pump keeps overflowing because something is wrong and it pours water all over the downstairs.... It's been a rough couple of months.

And in the middle of my rough, I keep hearing about your rough. And together we are finding ways to take care of each other, in person, and long distance. And that, is a very wonderful part of my job.

I talk all day, nearly every day. I talk with you guys about yarn choices and needle preferences, and pattern notes and even *gasp* gauge. I'm used to talking about all that stuff. I'm good at all the technical stuff. Heck, I even enjoy all the technical stuff.

But a most interesting part of owning a yarn store, or at least for ME owning a yarn store, is that I get a chance to hear your stories. The perfect yarn to knit a baby blanket for the first grandbaby is a wonderful thing to celebrate. I love helping pick out that yarn, and then maybe even seeing a picture of your bundle of joy wrapped up in her first (of many) hand knit things. I love being a part of your joyful moments. I smile on them for days.

But I also love being a sounding board for the days that are not so joyful, the not so much to celebrate days, or weeks, or months. Some days are so hectic I don't get a chance to hear your stories, good or sad. But in the past several weeks I've had the time, or made the time to be right there and listen. I hear you, and I want you to know that I cannot say how much I am blessed by the fact that you hear me too.

Just today I talked with a favorite customer whose parents are failing. Mom has Alzheimer's, Pop has had health problems, and so to stay sane, she knits. Sometimes a lot, sometimes just a row for sanity. Another sweet person today told me of the newly adopted rescue dog who is so sick and has been so horribly mistreated, but is the most loving soul of a dog. She's going to knit Alice, her pit bull rescue girl with wicked mange and heart problems, a sweater. And she feels that a knitted sweater will make her new dog feel like new, and that she will get healthy and heal.

Kind soul yesterday asked me how my sweet guy is doing. My answer is that the progress is going to be slow, and I'm pretty sure I wasn't prepared for how much work we had to do. She shared that her handsome son is headed for surgery in a couple of weeks to remove plates and screws in his legs that were put in to help change the growth pattern that was creating scoliosis. She was picking out suitable 'hospital knitting'.

Long time friend and customer is facing the rapidly approaching loss of her dear father-in-law and brother-in-law, likely only a few weeks apart from each other. And so she knits, dish cloths mostly. She said, 'Jeanne, it's all I can do, but it is keeping me sane.' And a couple years back when her dad passed away and Momma said her brain felt like an eggbeater was in there. I hugged her close and said, 'It's ok, just knit dishcloths if that is what keeps the eggbeater quiet.'

Wonderful new customer today was learning to cast on for socks and shared that the whole family is here at the beach together because her dad is as close to remission from cancer as possible. He wanted everyone to celebrate together. So new sock knitter will have memories knitted into those socks of joyful moments with family.

I love my job. I love being there to listen to your stories of the good stuff and the rough stuff. When we share a burden the load is lighter because of it. And when we share our joy, it is multiplied.

I know for certain that a burden shared makes the load lighter, because so many of you have listened to my sad and rough. And knowing that I'm not carrying all of my sad and rough around by myself has made it easier to face.

And then there are the amazingly sweet, kind, thoughtful acts and gestures that remind me daily that we are here for each other. A lovely pan of homemade lasagne for an easy couple of meals as sweet guy recovers. Sweet thoughtful gifts of a project bag and a really silly clay sheep who makes me smile daily. Sweet hubby of lovely customer took the time today to fix the dang front door tension bar because he saw it wasn't closing. I said fixing it just hadn't gotten to the top of the list, but clever contractor hubby had it right in no time. And this is just a teeny tiny list.

All the kind words and thoughts and prayers when you hear that my rough has me down. Your kindness is helping beyond words, and my burden is lighter because you guys, my people, are helping to shoulder it.

I promise to keep listening to your joys and your heartaches, because being here for each other is so much of what makes my job wonderful. Sharing our joys to multiply them or sharing the sad to help lighten the load. Thank you from my heart for your kind words and deeds. I hope we can keep taking care of each other in person or long distance. It is so much of what makes us a community, a very blessed community.

In sticks and hooks and string,



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