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A Life Line

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A life line in knitting is an extra strand of yarn worked through a row of knitting in a difficult pattern. If the knitter discovers a mistake in her knitting several rows up, the work can be unraveled and the 'life line' will be there, holding all the stitches, ready to get them back on needles and moving forward. 

This is a quick catch up for all of you sweet people who have worried and prayed and asked about how my sweet guy is doing. This Friday will mark 4 weeks post op. The surgery went well, the vertebrae were successfully glued solid and we came home that Friday afternoon. Sweet guy was a little (maybe a lot) loopy from the sedation, but the repair worked and we were home.

Progress has been slow, but we are working on it. He is walking daily, up to a mile. Working on some light weights, trying to eat more, and is officially 'old' since my sweet sister suggested 2 Ensure a day to get some good calories in him. We've had a couple of unexpected setbacks, a few dropped stitches, but are trying to pick them up and move forward.

And, we are moving forward. Thanks to you, my dear people, who have helped us with your kind words and prayers.

I have learned many life lessons from the past 8+ (18) months of this slow downward spiral in sweet guy's health. And this is perhaps the most important lesson I have learned. Send the card, deliver the homemade meal, fold the load of laundry, tidy up the yard, give the vase of flowers from your garden, just be there for the person who is doing the caretaking (or trying to...). Just go DO that kind thing you are wondering if you should do. It means more than you can ever imagine.

I will now, going forward, make every effort to get in there and just DO the kind thing. I realize now that I was so far past exhausted and so worried and stressed about all the concerns about his health (not to mention the running of the shop and the rest of life) that I didn't even know how to ask for help. You guys offered, "Let me know if there is anything I can do." I appreciated from the bottom of my heart the offers, but I couldn't even begin to figure out what to ask you to do. I didn't want to look like I couldn't be superwoman and do all of everything by myself. I didn't want to impose or be a bother.

And now I know, going forward, when one of my people is in need, I will get in there and DO the kind thing. I will send the card, bring the dinner, fold the laundry, be brave enough to just sit and listen to the hurt and frustration my person is going through. I will BE THERE for my people, because I now know how much I needed you. I needed a 'life line', an extra strand of yarn put in place to keep me from completely unraveling. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your ears and your prayers and your kind deeds. I didn't know how much I needed you, but now I realize you were saving me, you were my life line.


In hooks and needles and string- j


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