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I Knit to be Connected, Part 2

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You are never going to guess what is currently on my bed at home... Ok, you got me, the big black dog is on the bed. But what else? I would give you a couple chances, but I don't think you would guess. In my current pitch/pack/purge/downsize mode I unearthed the GIANT granny square afghan my mom crocheted for me when I was in high school. It is one giant granny square, not tons of little ones, worked to fit my queen size bed.

I can't imagine how long it took for the last 2 feet of going around and around and around.... it is worked in a lovely combination of mint green, pale yellow and a variegated that includes both colors with a bit of white. It matched my very yellow high school bedroom. The yarn was purchased from the local big box craft store of the day, a couple skeins at a time.

And, I am in love again. I am in love with the fluffy warm layer this afghan has added to my bed (all the little boxes of the granny square trap warm air. Mmmmm....warm is good). I am also in love with the connection that this blanket gives me to my mom. She was here for the holidays, we needed to have time to reconnect. When she saw the afghan on my bed she chuckled about the time she spent crocheting it and where we were in our lives. I treasured the connection.

We knit or crochet to be connected.

Knitting or crocheting in public draws people to us. "What are you making?" Hat, scarf, mittens, socks, a baby blanket for great grand #7. People want to know, they want to be connected. Folks who would never strike up a conversation in the grocery check-out will ask what you are creating, if you are knitting or crocheting in public. "Hey, you are buying bread...gonna have some toast later?" Not so much. "Wow! Are you knitting or crocheting? My grandma knitted everyone of her grandkids and great grands an afhgan. We all love them."

It starts as a question for them, "What are you making?" And then we respond and the connections start. Stories are shared about what was crocheted or knitted and who did the creating.

We all have a story to tell. We all hope that someone will listen to our story. And by listening to each other's stories we give them wings and life. When we take time to hear the history of the favorite socks or the ill fated sweater or the Christmas stockings that everyone has, we make connections. We all want our stories, our history, our connections to carry on.

When we share a story, the connection takes our story, our history, ourselves and moves it into another person's heart and soul. And when we are a part of another person's heart and soul, we are connected. We are connected by the stuff that is real, people and place and family and history, navy blue mittens, christening gowns, a first sweater to bring baby home from the hospital. We realize, when we share our stories, that we are so much more the same than we are different. We realize that on a human level, we are us. We all have the same hopes and dreams. We want to love our families, cherish good times, provide a warm safe home (and handknit socks) and be loved back.

Be loved, my loves, and love others back. Happy 2018.

In hooks and sticks and string.



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