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It's a Yarn Truck Day!

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Guess who should be sleeping?? It's 3:30 on a Saturday morning, (August 6). I should WAAAAYYYY be asleep. The alarm is gong to chime at 6 a.m. to wake me for one of my favorite things, A YarnTruck Day! And instead of happy snoring dog and hubby and me all piled in the bed, dog has stolen my pillows and I'm here.

A Yarn Truck Day! It's one of my favorite things! I love being in the shop, and I love having sofas full of happy friends in knitting (Hey OSHS! Shout out!) like I had today. But there is a special alchemy that happens on a Yarn Truck Day.

We spend some chunk of time the day or two before getting the truck ready. I have an amazing staff that can twirl and dance their way through getting the basics restocked. We check patterns and needles and notions. They make sure dye lots match on what is on the truck, we restock bags and make sure the cash drawer has ones and nickels. I charge the iPad and truck phone and check to see if the credit card reader likes me and if I have remembered the password....

At the end of the basic restock, I go out and we decide what wonderful new things should grace "Geraldine's" shelves. Oh, yes, Breathless and Rayon Metallic, and SeaStar and that new Big Wheel with the the cutie patootie sweater knit out of it.

At the very end of the day, I walk around the shop with my list and I pull the extra samples that I think will be new and inspiring for my far away people. Then we clip on the drapes, fill the truck with fuel, check the generator and lock the door of the shop, knowing my clever staff will keep things humming there while we are gone.

All of this in anticipation of coming out to see YOU!! YOU, my far and away people who love being a part of the Knitting Addiction family and love to see us at the shop. YOU, who will hop in the car with a stack of knitting or crocheting buddies and road trip out to see us on a random Friday in August. YOU, who come to see us while you are at the beach on vacation. We do all the work to have the joy of coming out to see YOU, in your place, in your town, in your backyard. Because we love it, and we love you!

There is a special alchemy that happens on a Truck Day. It is almost always an early morning, this morning's 'wheels up' time is 7:15 from the shop. We will head  west out on 64 as the sun rises in the rear view mirror, light reflecting off the swamp and Alligator River, magic. 

The trip out toward Murfreesboro that takes us past the field of sunflowers and through the swamp with cottonwood trees shedding their fluff or the birds singing a joyful refrain, magic. North toward Chesapeake with the promise of Leroy and Ernie the cats, and fresh scones. North toward Powhatan, or Shenandoah Valley with rolling hills and trees with leaves that change color and burst forth in orange and gold. It's magic.

And the we arrive, and sometimes, YOU are already there. (Traffic is a tricky thing.) and there is a flurry to get the truck set up. Steps down, doors open, drapes down, samples up, patterns out, cash drawer ready, does the credit card reader STILL like the password? Shopping baskets and maybe the ball winder and swift ready and the there is the best part, YOU!

YOU come to see us. You bring your friends who don't vacation at the Outer Banks. You bring your grandkids so they can pick the color of their sweater. You bring your projects, and pictures, and stories and your smiles and yourSELVES. and you come see us. Just yarn, Geraldine the truck, my truck buddy and me. You come to see us. You schedule your day so our lives can intersect. So we can shout "Hey girl!" And "My goodness that grandbaby has grown!" You schedule your day so we can hug each other's necks and laugh out loud at the pure joy of life.

And then we sell yarn, and answer questions, and fix boo boos, and maybe get a snack (chocolate orange scones). And we laugh, and either sweat or freeze, and we end up with sunburn or windburn or sometimes all of the above. And we get to spend the day with YOU! Our people who are far and away and who are still part of this crazy community, this family of people who love yarn and sticks and string as much as we do. We get to spend the day with YOU.

And there is magic in that, because you my friends, are the magic that keeps this yarn store owner getting up and heading into the shop every day. (OK, only 5 days a week off season, LOL!!) YOU, and your people you knit or crochet for, and your family and your triumphs and heartaches, you guys are the reason I do what I do. And on a Truck Day, YOU are the reason we are up early, and home late, and tired and stinky and sweaty and so full of joy and laughter that we can't wait to do it again.

We always manage to forget something. There is always ONE pattern that doesn't make the truck. There is always a technology glitch in phone connections, or iPad charging or the password not working. There is always something silly that we forgot that Cathy and I laugh about all the way home after we spend our day with you. Something that by now, two years later we really should not have trouble with remembering or making work. But every Truck Day is an adventure. And I love each and every one. And I love YOU guys, my friends and people who come out to see us at the shop or when we are on the road. It's magic my friends, pure magic, this community of people who love sticks and hooks and string.

Thanks for being a part of my world. I hope to see you in a couple hours.

In sticks and hooks and string-


PS: A Quick side note, another reason I love YOU and this community. My heart is full of all of your kind words and prayers and thoughtful questions about how sweet guy is doing. We are making great progress. He is feeling better and looking better and moving better and I think we are finally headed on a road that takes us back to healthy and strong. I thank you for all your kindness and concern. YOU bring so much comfort and joy to my life. I, we, are blessed. 


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