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Lemonade or Lima Beans


Lemonade or Lima beans?

We have all heard a million times "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!" I'm here to tell you that isn't always possible. Sometimes the lemons are so sour, you can't conjure enough sugar to make it work out, so you just CAN'T make the crummy stuffy into a yummy libation.

In a recent email to my mom (who by the way is a total rock star). She turned 83 this week and is still rocking along, church functions, gardening, out with friends and family. Swims a couple days a week, even though she is a below the knee amputee since 1994. She rocks. I try my best to paint my life in the best light when we talk and email. You can come meet her in July, she will be up to visit and absorb the happy that is Knitting Addiction.

So this most recent email had a laundry list of all the things that are still significant struggles: a house that needs to sell, getting the shop back to where it should be. It is only June and 6 days a week is kicking my tail. We need rain....the list went on.

And then I made myself take the time to list all the good and wonderful things that are happening in my life.

The GOOD list includes: a business I love, with customers who have become great friends and jump in to help out when they can. A great location that I am getting back up to speed after a couple of rough years. New yarns to explore and create with. My super sweet Carolina girl who makes me smile and laugh, she has her moments, but she makes me smile.

At home, I am in 'Little House' and it is a constant source of joy and happiness. The gardens I toiled at planting from scratch have begun to bloom. Zinnias and cosmos and the sunflowers are bursting open, every morning is different. I walk out to my flower beds in the morning and I am humbled by the beauty that has manifest in my yard with a couple packets of seeds and some TLC. God's paintbrush at work.

And so my analogy to my mom in the email was I'm putting the list of struggles to the side, I'm putting the lima beans to the side. When I was a kid, lima beans were a THING. I hated them, another adult person (not my mom) insisted they be eaten, I struggled, and survived. Still can't want to love lima beans.

But I love succotash, love the play on sweet corn and a little red pepper, a delightful combination of such goodness....and then the dreaded lima beans. I swore that when I was an adult I would NOT eat lima beans. I just would not. And so, for the past 30 something years I have religiously moved the lima beans out of my food. I just won't eat them. (Side bar: butter beans are different and loved...)

So my email to mom was, I'm putting the lima beans to the side of the plate and ignoring them. I no longer have to suffer them. I'm an 'adult' and I can eat or not eat what I choose. I choose to not eat lima beans. And I choose to not focus on the lima beans of my life. I am working on putting them to the side of the plate and just enjoying the sweet corn and delicious of the succotash. I know the lima beans won't just disappear, they certainly didn't when I was a kid, 'You can sit here until you have eaten every one of those.' (It was made worse because they were from a can and the size of a giant thumb.)

I know there are not any sticks or hooks or string in this.... but it may be a metaphor for life and knitting or crocheting, put the lima beans in life to the side. Try to move the things you do not love to the side of your plate, whether it is the day's worries or a project that just won't cooperate. Move them to the side of your plate and just enjoy the beauty of fresh sweet corn and the perfect seasonings. The lima beans will eventually go away....

In sticks and hooks and string; and good dogs, flower beds bursting with joy and friends who are true,

xoxo-j & c


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