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Welcome back!!!


Welcome!!! Welcome back!!!

It is June 1 (technically June 2, because it is so early in the morning....). And I am so excited to have you guys, my people coming in for the summer. You cannot imagine how much I love to see smiling, familiar faces come through the door. If you have been a customer for years or just found Knitting Addiction this week, I love smiling faces. I love to help out and answer questions and help you fix that boo boo or find the perfect next project. I love having you in the shop. I love you guys, my people, I love you.

I've hustled pretty hard this spring to find new yarns that might inspire you. I've been designing new projects (yep, still the easy ones) that will give you confidence in your craft. I'm hustling to freshen up the shop after what I have discovered, was a pretty long time of me being in 'survival mode'. It seems that the only projects on my needles in the past months have been new shop samples. I've tried to weed out old and dated, add in fun and new. By default ('de fault' of the yarn companies) I've needed to retire samples, the yarn was discontinued or perhaps just the color of the sample (insert frustrated words here....). I'm keeping favorites. Re-knitting some samples in new yarns so you can be inspired. I'm putting my heart and soul into the business that I love and the business that is going to keep me going and be the biggest part of my 'next'.

I'm also continuing the juggling act. I used to think I multi-tasked pretty well, lately I've had my doubts. Lately there has been a lot going on....understatement of the year. I'll skip the extended history, but if you were in the shop between September and the beginning of April I hope you had the chance to meet and love on 'My Abbie'. My sweet soulful big black dog, she was my girl for almost ten years. She was my constant companion for all the tough times the past several months dished out. And then, end of March, she let me know she had given all of her big giant black dog heart that she could. I had to let her go the first week of April. Her work was done. She had seen me through the worst, and given me her best. And, because I loved her, and promised her always to only do what was right by our hearts, I had to let her go. When the vet came to the house, even the angels cried as they ushered her into Dog Heaven.

And so now there is a new dog. If you are a 'dog person' you know the giant hole that is left when your four footed companion has to go. And so now there is a sweet, shy, smart, slightly scared, beautiful new dog in my life. If you have been to the shop in the past month you have likely met my 'Carolina'. She is exactly NOT the dog I was looking for, but she is exactly the dog that I need, and she needs me. My brother has said for years that 'the dog you lose picks the next dog for you'. I think Abbie did a good job. This brown dog, with her beautiful face, and sweet soul is my new girl. She is a rescue, about a year old, she had been hit, a lot, likely by a big guy because that is who she is most afraid of. She is going to be a big part of my 'next'. Just like Knitting Addiction, and 'Little House', Carolina is a huge part of my next.

The past several months, heck, the past couple years have shaken my confidence to the core. Things I thought were solid and true crumbled to dust around me. The profound amount of change that had to happen in the past several months is mind numbing. But I had my Abbie, and she got me through all of the worst. And now I have my Sweet Carolina Girl. She is going to help me go forward with confidence. Carolina had a rough year, her heart and soul were hurt by mean hands and words. She is cautious and a bit scared, so am I. The things I thought I knew, fell away. The security I thought I had vanished. And so my confidence is shaken, I'm a little scared. I need to make Knitting Addiction work and stand on its own again. I need to find the chutzpah to be brave and bold again.

My Carolina and I are going to learn to be brave together. She is learning to meet new people and be brave when faced with situations that scare her. I'm working to provide quiet calm and the chance for her to gain confidence in new situations and with new people. Some days recently have been a bit chaotic. She was scared, she barked, an impressive big dog bark. She was shy around new people. She was scared of things she didn't know. Me too, sweet girl, me too. I've spent a whole bunch of the past several months scared of the things I didn't know and couldn't predict.

But, with y'all's help, we've got this. I can get the shop, my heart and soul, Knitting Addiction back to where it needs to be. I can be the person you need me to be, to help and answer questions, and fix boo boos and teach new skills. I am going forward bravely, and with a little patience on your part, my Carolina will get brave too. We've got this. With y'all's help, we've got this.

I thank you for your patience, with both of us, as we settle in and start to get braver and work to be our best 'next' together. Dog treats abound, sweet Carolina is easily tempted and would love to make new friends. I am sometimes a bit more frazzled than others, but patience and understanding from you makes it all work. I am here for you. I want to fix your boo boos, help pick out the best yarn for your project and help do the math...darn that math. I want you to love being in our space, Knitting Addiction. Please be patient, learning how to be brave is hard work. But with y'all's help, we've got this.

In sticks and hooks and string,

xoxo- j


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