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Jeanne Shrader jeanne@knittingaddiction.com
Owner, Yarn Goddess, Fixer of Most Horrid BooBoos

Jeanne is a true yarn junkie. She learned to knit as a kid and picked it up again about 20 years ago. After turning in her middle school classroom as a venue for teaching, Jeanne blissfully teaches knitting and other life skills from the comfort of the sofas.

Other Activities: (You mean there is stuff other than knitting?)  Wildly fond of her fabulous guy, a certain big black dog and medium sized goofy yellow dog. Jeanne loves to sail, travel,  bike, kayak and be with people who make her laugh.  Good books, good music and great yarn are also on the list of good things. 



Anna is a delightful addition to the Knitting Addiction staff. She's an excellent knitter, super efficient helper, wonderkid at restocking and she's also a ballerina.  Everything about this young person makes me swoon!!


Cathi B

Cathi is another wonderful recent addition to our staff.  Cathi is Anna's delightful mom and a huge help.  Cathi often covers when I am out on the Yarn Truck. 


Abby has rejoined the KA staff as a wonderful addition.  She crochets and is just all around awesome.


Cathy A

Cathy is my Yarn Truck buddy.  If we are on the road we are having fun.  Her laugh is infectious!


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