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Jeanne Shrader
Owner, Yarn Goddess, Fixer of Most Horrid BooBoos

Jeanne is a true yarn junkie. She learned to knit as a kid and picked it up again about 27 years ago. After turning in her middle school classroom as a venue for teaching, Jeanne blissfully teaches knitting and other life skills from the comfort of the sofas.

Knitting Addiction is in it's 17th year of business on the Outer Banks.  We are proud to be a part of your vacation when you are visiting, and we love all our folks who call Knitting Addiction their LYS.

Fabulous furry companion.  Carolina is a sweet brown dog.  She is at the shop all the time and is Jeanne's constant companion.  She's trained to not rush in on people, so she hangs back a bit.