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Fall Classes at Knitting Addiction                                                                                     

***ANY of the following classes can be scheduled at your convenience or any class can be scheduled during the week at 2pm days the shop is open.

Weaving Classes:

*Bulky Rayon Chenille Scarf $40 for the class, materials are additional

                Come weave the most delightful scarf ever!!  Blue Heron’s Rayon Chenille has a cult following and we are thrilled to have it back in stock again.  It is wonderful to weave with.  A skein is $40 and will weave 2 generous scarfs.  Basic instruction is included and I will have the loom warped and ready for you to get started.  The class fee includes basic instruction on how to weave and the option to take the loom with you to use for the week.

*Woven Coasters $40 for the class, weft yarn is your purchase

                This is a great fun class.  You will be able to weave 5 or 6 coasters out of a sturdy machine washable cotton.  Looms are pre-warped so you can just learn to weave and have fun.  You purchase the “weft” color for your coasters. (about $10) Cost of the class includes loom rental for the week so you can weave your entire project.  The loom is warped so you can weave several coasters in a row.  Super fun and easy.  Plan one hour to get started.

*Loom Warping $25

                Come get your warp on and learn how easy it is to set up a rigid heddle loom and start weaving.  Dust off the loom that has been hiding in your craft room or learn on one of ours.  This can be combined with any weaving project. *This class needs to be set up in advance*

Knitting and Crochet Classes:  All of these classes have “follow up” sessions if you get stuck.  Follow up sessions are included in the initial cost of class.  

*Mini Hats or Mittens $30 (1-1.5 hours)

                These adorable little hats and mittens make the cutest package decorations or ornaments.  They are all very easy. The class includes 2 mini hanks of Woolstok in the colors of your choice (enough to do a hat and mitten or a couple of either), pattern and instruction.  This is a great way to learn how to read an easy pattern, use double point needles, decrease, basic color changes and even make a great pompom if time allows.  Basic supplies size 4 or 5 double point needles.

*Minnehaha Hat $40 (or any other colorwork hat in the round)

                Have you yearned to learn how to do all the cool colorwork and fancy patterns in your knitting?  This class is for you.  It is designed to teach colorwork in the round.  The Minnehaha Hat and the Winter Wonderland hat are both easy, well written patterns.  We will learn how to read a chart and use double points.  Hats are worked on size 6 & 7, 16” circular needles and double points at the end.  Materials for the hats are between $35- $50.

*Christmas Stockings $55

                Did you have that special handmade stocking that was a part of your childhood?  Now is the time to get that tradition started for a new generation. Imagine the excitement on Christmas morning when the small humans have their own handmade stocking filled with goodies.  We will learn colorwork, duplicate stitch, turning a heel, using double points and finishing.  Any of the Ann Norling Christmas stocking patterns can be used for this class.  Materials are not included in the cost and will vary between the yarns you choose.  #6 and 7 straight or circular needles and #7 double points will be needed.  With this class, as with all classes, you are welcome to come back and get help any time you are working on the stocking.

*Christmas Ornament “sweaters” $25

                Have you admired the adorable and mesmerizing ornaments that we have covered with knitted fabric.  Always thought it was too difficult?  Come join us for this class.  Cost of materials is $15 for the kit, bring size 3 or 4 double point needles and we will get you started.  This is a fun easy class!

*Octopi ****knit or crochet  $30

                Using either the Susan Anderson knitted pattern or my crocheted pattern you can learn to make these adorable little Octopus toys.  They take a small amount of yarn and are a fun easy project!!  Needles and hooks will depend on the yarn chosen to work your octopus.  Stuffing and safety eyes will be provided.

*Basic Socks ala Jeanne $30

                Have you admired hand knit socks and wished you could check that off your bucket list?  This is the class for you.  Using my very basic, very vanilla sock pattern you will learn to cast on to double points, join, work a ribbing, turn the heel and finish off.  I typically suggest DK weight yarn for first socks, so they go a little faster, but you can pick the yarn you like ($15-40).  This class will likely need a free follow up session when you get to the heel.

*Beginning Knitting $20.

                Plan about an hour to learn the basics of knitting.  Cast on, knit, purl, work a ribbing and bind off.  Materials for this class are approximately $20.  Return tech support is always available.  This class is focused on learning the basics, not on a particular project.

*Beginning Crochet $20

                Do you knit and have always wanted to crochet?  Are you fascinated by this little amigurumi toys covering the internet? Come learn the basics of crochet.  We will learn to chain, single and double crochet and turn corners to make clean edges.  Materials are approximately $20.  Return tech support is available.

*Crochet Coil Baskets $25

                Have you seen the clever baskets around the shop that are crocheted around clothes line?  They are a super easy project and make a great gift.  Baskets can be all shapes and sizes.  The class fee covers the rope and instruction.  Bring a variety of crochet hooks (G-K) to match to the yarn that you choose to work with. Basic crochet skills are helpful, but we can get you going from scratch.  The yarn you choose to knit with will be additional $12-20

*Tech Support/ or creative support- Knit or Crochet Quick fixes and easy questions are happily answered or repaired as time allows.  If you have a more extensive question (setting sleeves, turning the heel on a sock etc.) then this is for you.  Thirty minutes and $10 gets you all the help you need to get you un-stuck and back on track.


Call Jeanne at 252.255.5648 to schedule any of these classes or just come on in!!  We will get your thing for string going.